ArtTheatre BOUM! is an artistic organization dedicated in researching, promoting and creating innovative, contemporary, experimental theatre, new media and digital art practices and theories. Intertwining theatre and new digital media, BOUM! explores the boundaries of those art forms and questions the experience of the audience in 21st century. BOUM! is engaged in creating and producing theatre and multimedia performances, art installations, and interdisciplinary art forms. The organization is based in Rijeka, Croatia, co-founded in 2017. by a theatre artist Andrea Crnković, artistic director of the company, and a digital artist Gianfranco Mirizzi.


Andrea Crnković

Founder and artistic director

Andrea Crnković is a director, performer/actress, and author from Rijeka, Croatia. In her work she is dedicated in researching poetic languages, creative methods and stimulative processes to engage the audience through suggestive, intimate experiences rather than through rational interpretation of theatrical work. She investigates interdisciplinary approach to theatre intertwining it with other artistic disciplines. So far she collaborated with visual artists, film/video and digital artists, musicians and architects. Some of her work can be seen here. She holds a MFA in Theatre from Towson University, MD, US, a BFA in Architecture, Venice, IT, and has completed acting training program at VeneziaINscena (Accademia Teatrale Veneta) in Venice, Italy. Andrea is a member of Croatian Association of Drama Artists (HDDU). She worked on projects with VeneziaINscena (Venice, Italy), TAM Teatromusica (Padova, Italy), Universita Ca’Foscari (Venice, Italy), Scienze e Tecniche del Teatro – I.U.A.V. (Venice, Italy), Prostor Plus (Rijeka, Croatia), Department of Theatre – Towson University (Maryland, US), Imaging and Digital Arts Program – UMBC (Maryland, US), Factory 449 (Washington D.C., US), The PuppeTree (Vermont, US), Malik (Rijeka,Croatia), PaRiter (Rijeka, Croatia), HNK Ivana Pl. Zajca (Rijeka, Croatia), GT22 (Maribor, Slovenia). Andrea participated in a number of festivals and manifestations: Emersioni (Venice, Italy), Lineadaqua (Venice, Italy), Piccoli palcoscenici (Mestre, Italy), The New Russian Drama-Towson University (Maryland, US); Varna Summer International Theatre Festival (Varna, Bulgaria); Istropolitana Projekt 18. International Theatre Festival of Schools (Bratislava, Slovakia), Riječke Ljetne Noći 2016 (Rijeka, Croatia), HC ASSITEJ 19. Meeting of professionally lead theatre for children and youth (Bjelovar), 25. Lent Festival 2017 (Maribor, Slovenia), Susak EXPO 2018 (Susak, Croatia). She is also author and co-author of several video installations exhibited in US, Croatia, Slovenia and Germany. Some of her video work can be seen here. Currently, Andrea lives in Rijeka and works as artistic director of BOUM!. She also serves as a board member of the NGO for performative arts Prostor Plus, Rijeka.

Gianfranco Mirizzi

Founder and director of the new media and digital arts program

Gianfranco Mirizzi is a visual artist living and working in Rijeka, Croatia. His artistic research concerns configuration of space as a totalizing entity that affects a subject’s perceptive, intuitive, and emotional response in a set of eventualities. His work investigates public places embedded with new media and asks how its presence affects social relations and conditions our use and perception of public space. He works with digital arts, architecture, sound and performance to articulate immersive interactive and self generative environments, in which the viewer must participate in order to create and complete the artwork. He has been working in a number of video projects, collaborating with such artists as John Sturgeon, Fred Worden, Lee Boot, and Steve Yeager. He has been an assistant researcher at the UMBC’s Imaging Research Center (, where he was responsible for media production and postproduction. At the IRC he collaborated in a number of research projects focused on social and urban themes, producing films, documentaries and video-interviews. His works have been seen in a variety of settings in US (Washington DC, Baltimore, Towson and Salisbury) and across Europe. During the last three years he’s been engaged in an international artistic research on games, within the European art platform Corners of Europe (, performing in Taranto, Newcastle, Rijeka, Ljubljana, Maribor, Zagreb and Durham.