Happy Days at Susak (trilogy)

Happy Days at Susak in Bok beach

(It’s sand is said to cure infertility in women)

‘Happy Days at Susak in Bok Beach‘ is part of the performance trilogy ‘Happy Days at Susak‘ that took place during Susak Expo 2018.  Remaining two performances of the trilogy are entitled ‘Our America‘ and ‘Medea creating Susak‘.

For Susak Expo 2018. edition, our goal was to activate ephemeral experiences of de-location, presence and enactment by engaging with the narratives and historical stratification of the island, in order to explore possible alternatives and un-historical meanings within the rich and diverse context of Susak.

Authors: Andrea Crnković & Gianfranco Mirizzi (ArtTeatar BOUM!, Rijeka)

The work has been exhibited af Fritz Gallery in the Museum of Lošinj during the exhibition Free State: Susak Expo 2018.


‘Our America’


‘Medea Creating Susak’