Artistic research

STIUNM – Contemporary technologies in performing arts and new media 2019.

STIUNM (which is the Croatian acronym for Contemporary Technologies in Performing Arts and New Media) artistic research is a continuation and upgrade of the research conducted during 2018 with the purpose of devising a long-term program that examines existing and new ways of communication in the performing arts and in new media by introducing digital interactive technologies, testing alternative dimensions of space and borders of contemporary performance form. , and by looking for a functional aesthetic and a performance language that would reflect the issues of the contemporary lifestyle.

This year, through three workshops, we explored the benefits and opportunities of using VR technology, immersive environments, and video mapping, whether these technologies can become one of the protagonists in the performing arts and in what ways. We also went a step further by examining the artist-technology interaction. Also the aim of the research was to explore the possibilities of using digital technologies to work in a performing medium in an easily applicable way that allows artists to easily explore and combine new ideas without having to hire a specialist. We have taken the first step in creating an exploratory user-friendly tool for developing art projects that can be used by all interested artists. To this end, we invited several artists and audience members to test and learn about the technology themselves, and to provide feedbacks and insights through interviewing and completing a questionnaire.
Since a picture (and even more so a video) is worth a thousand words, the topics we dealt with are presented in the following trailer.
Directors of research: Andrea Crnković Gianfranco Mirizzi Marko Žmak Special thanks: Laura Hlapčić Romina Dušić Alisa Debelić Sherif Kamal SU Molekula Filodramatika, Rijeka © ArtTeatar BOUM! – 2019

The project was cofinanced by

Grad Rijeka